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What Is A "Charitees VIP"

A "Charitees VIP" is simply someone who wants to actively support their chosen cause by becoming a social media advocate. We provide you with a unique VIP web link to use in your social media to help generate funds for your cause.

How Do Causes Benefit?
1) "Charitees" products we donate 10% to your cause.
2) "Pick-A-Design" products we donate 10% to your cause.
3) "All-Over-Print" products we donate 10% to your cause.
4) "Custom/Personalised" products we donate 10% to your cause!

What's In It For You?**
To encourage you to keep sharing your VIP link we will also reward you -
1) "Charitees" products you receive 5%.
2) "Pick-A-Design" products you receive 5%.
3) "All-Over-Print" products you receive 5%.
4) "Custom/Personalised" products receive 5%.

You will be able to keep track of your due commission from your Broken Heart Tees Admin dashboard once logged in.

The process is very simple and you could be helping your cause within minutes!

Here are the steps:
1) Create a Customer Account
2) Click on the VIP link on the success page
3) Choose a cause to support*
4) Create your VIP link -
5) Start sharing your link on your social media accounts. Simples!

* You will only be offered a choice if you did not arrive via a charity link. If you would like to support a cause not listed please ask them to contact us
** Commissions will be paid upon reaching a £50 minimum.